10 Ways To Make Extra Money Fast Online

Sometimes you need to make a little money fast. Maybe you’re looking to augment your existing income stream to pay bills or pick up some residual income to save for something special. Thankfully, the web offers a variety of ways to make quick cash, or even make a full-time go of it if you find the right niche for your skillset. Let’s look at ten ways you can make some cash quickly.


Tutor Students

Are you an ace in algebra or a guru in trig? If you excel in a subject, share your gift with students who are struggling in school. Tutors for students of all ages – from grade school up to undergrad and graduate levels – are in high demand. Work from home via video and other tools to deliver tutoring to students on demand or a set schedule. Tutors are paid well, and there is a wide variety of different subjects available for tutoring – including math, science, English, English as a second language, and more. Check out Tutor.com or Chegg.com to get started.


Complete Microtasks

If you are looking for an enjoyable and nearly mindless gig to make a few bucks in your spare time, think about doing some microtask work. From entering data like submitted receipts to formatting addresses for mailing lists, there is a broad range of semi-interesting tasks that you can do to make some dough. Becoming a “Turker” through Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good way to start. You can collect your cash straight to your bank account or opt for gift cards to spend on Amazon.com. Other sites pay via gift cards too, including Swagbucks.com, a site where you can earn cash by taking part in polls, responding to surveys, and watching videos.


Create Art

Proverbial “starving artists” are finding extra cash lurking for them online via websites that allow them to turn art into cash. One such site, Zazzle.com, allows artists to earn royalties when their original designs sell on the personalized merchandise that the company offers. If artists promote their products, they also receive a commission. You can also open a Café Press shop, selling your art on mugs, pillows, mouse pads, and more. When someone buys your design, you get paid.

Program Things

If you’re a programmer looking for a part-time gig, check out Upwork.com and Freelancer.com. Both sites regularly offer jobs for freelance programmers. Jobs vary from desktop software development and e-commerce development to game and mobile development, QA and testing, and scripts and utilities. Visit the sites, create a profile, upload your portfolio, and get ready to impress clients with your skills.

Sell Stuff

Selling unwanted items is a good way to clean out your closets and make a little cash. Ebay.com is the international leader in auction sales; you can easily establish an account there, list some products for sale, and quickly cash in on your unwanted items. Amazon.com is similar to eBay, offering you a venue to resale books, electronics, and more. NewEgg allows sales of electronics, and local sites like OfferUpNow and LetGo make it easy to sell to local folks without the shipping hassle. If you’re crafty, you can sell your wares in an Etsy shop.

Chat with Customers

Love to chat? Possess killer keyboarding skills? If so, then a job as a chat operator may be right for you. As a chat agent, you represent the company via chat messaging. Apple hires at-home advisors for its AppleCare program; agents help customers fix technical problems and provide general customer service. Convergys is another large company that usually has chat operator openings for various large agencies across the country.

Write Online Content

Maybe you never fancied yourself a writer in the sense that you’re churning out multiple novels a year like James Patterson. The web is brimming with opportunities for people who have the ability to produce fascinating articles, craft product descriptions that sell, or even come up with blog posts. If you have a knack for words and are an avid researcher, then you can command anywhere from one to 10 cents per word for your trouble. Look for work as a writer on Ezdia.com and WritersAccess.com.

Edit Online Content

Writing not in your wheelhouse but you’re a stickler for grammar and can follow instructions to the letter? Editing may be a better fit for you. For all those pieces being written by the web’s writers, a freelance editor is looking them over before publication. Expect to earn around one-third what the author makes for your editing prowess. Find jobs on sites such as CrowdContent.com and OnSpace.com.

Stack Up Cash $5 at a Time

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few years, you’ve likely heard a bit about Fiverr. No matter what your skillset, you can market yourself to the world wide web on Fiverr, a site that asks “What can I do for you for five bucks?” For example, you could offer online guitar lessons, build and mail a glitter bomb, or even give relationship advice. There are some creative offerings on the site, so with a little forethought, you can stick out in the crowd and make some extra green.

Make Money with Apps

Apps that help you make money are evolving every day. Get paid for walking with Achievemint, or get paid for driving with Mileup. If you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, you can download TaskRabbit to connect with people who need odd jobs completed, such as cleaning, assembling furniture, or running to the grocery store.

There you have it – a rundown of 10 ways to make fast money online. With a little ingenuity and some creativity, making money in your spare time is entirely doable, and you just might find yourself having a little fun along the way.